Eyelash Extensions

How Your NaturaLash Extension Service Looks:

A cooling gel pad applied under you eyes to help relieve stress in the area. The bottom lashes are taped down to avoid interference with application.

I will consult with you about what effect you are looking for with your lashes. There are a variety of curls and lengths available that will give you a unique look. Have some fun and play around with it!

Then, I begin my magic! I apply each individual lash extensions one by one to your natural eyelash with a special semi-permanent adhesive. For a brand new full set, this process can take about 2-2.5 hours. Refills can be as quick as 1.5-2hr. 

During the lash application, you are lying down on a comfortable padded table with a bolster to support your knees. A blanket is provided for your comfort and a pillow to hold onto if you would like. Listen to some music, take a nap, or drift away to paradise while you are being transformed!

Now your lashes look incredible! No more raccoon eyes in the morning, mascara running, time consuming (and super noticeable) lash strips! You're set for weeks!

Don't forget, lash shedding is absolutely normal. Your lashes go through a growth cycle just like your hair. Old lashes fall out to make way for new ones. Schedule your refill appointment based on how full of an effect you want to maintain. Every 2-3 weeks is my professional recommendation.